David Beckham for H&M

by sunnyfong

You know what? It’s kinda great that David Beckham isn’t doing a full capsule collection for H&M and just underwear. It shows that he has some restraint and won’t flood our market with stuff that will be eventually fill the discount rack. I can see Sean Avery doing something like that. Instant douche chills. Male athletes should know their place in fashion: nowhere. Stay pretty and let us put things on you so that we can fap fap fap.

Is it me or does Becks not look as fit as he usually is? I’m not complaining as I’m not a huge fan of perfectly toned athletic bodies anyway but it does look like he’s sporting a bit of a… Ponch? I’m not saying no regardless as I think he looks better with age.

I also doubt I’d get David Beckham underwear unless they’re used.