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Month: January, 2012


Looking good, Mo.


The Original Diva

The only celebrity diva I can stand.


Why wait for Superbowl? Here’s Beckham’s H&M underwear ad. In all its glory. Big thumbs down for the lack of crotch shots. Come on.

Too Much?

Trying a new colour combo tonight. Hm.

It’s Coming

Also, LMFAO (along with Nicky Minaj and MIA) has been added to Madonna’s 12-minute Superbowl half-time show.

Football and Madonna is gonna be so queer. I love making America uncomfortable!

Just a Reminder

Michael Pitt Farted

Honestly, I laughed as soon as I saw this. The shot from last month made him look like an upright cadaver but this one makes him look like he just let out a big one in Prada’s offices. Cutting the cheese through $1100 trousers is such a luxury.

£1,952 GBP ($3,142 USD) Shoes

The guy who invented the Clark’s Desert Boot passed away not that long ago I think. Good thing he isn’t alive to see these monstrosities called “The Crown Jewels.” Created to pay tribute to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and priced at £1,952 GBP ($3,142 USD) to reference the Queen’s 1952 coronation, they are a limited edition and apparently coveted luxury item so better go get a pair before Elton John buys them all.


Taste.IT / The Boys of Milan Fashion Week from on Vimeo.

I Object

Can Law & Order please come back so that the cast doesn’t have to do stuff like this? Yikes.

God, I miss that show.

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