Siki Im Spring 2012

by sunnyfong

I’ve always thought the kurta (popular for Hindu weddings and Muslim men) was always a very sophisticated piece of clothing. Architectural yet relaxed. It’s the best of both worlds. I would wear one all the time except that I live in a very Islamic neighbourhood and would probably get a lot of looks. I’ve checked out a few African and Muslim men wearing kurtas walking down my street to the nearby mosque and recently a friend of mine wore one for a friend’s wedding that made him look super sexy. It’s kinda like how some people like kilts I guess? Anyway, up-and-coming menswear Siki Im’s Spring 2012 collection is pretty great. Avant garde and totally wearable as individual pieces.

Born in Germany, Im has traveled the world and takes inspiration from many cultures. For this collection, he was inspired by the Middle East revolution and its proud heritage. There’s definitely a strength in the clothing and a certain stoicism but mixed with a soft elegance. I especially like the straps and the contrast of hard black lines with lighter tones.

Not much of a colour palette but it’s romantically simple. I definitely look forward to seeing more from Siki Im in the future.