Versace for H&M

by sunnyfong

In about 6 days, a bunch of bitches and scarved fags will be lined up on the corner of Yonge and Dundas to snatch up pieces from Donatella Versace’s capsule collection for retail giant H&M. Though I do have a fondness for Versace, I’m not sure if I think this collection is all that modern or of-the-moment as I’d like it to be. Versace has always been about high glamour, shine and eurotrash and in recent years, I haven’t been as interested in the house as I was in its prime. Maybe the shooting death of Gianni had something to do with its dwindling sales but I definitely turn to Dolce and Gabbana now for a dose of Italian style. Donatella is absolutely talented but has been incredibly lazy in terms of churning out the influential colour palettes and looks that her beloved brother was so good at. There have been some very underrated shows from the late 90’s but I’ve been mostly bored in the last decade. Versace for H&M is supposed to be a throwback to some of the older collections and though I see a few influences, I’m not sure if I see anything as direct as some of the newspapers are reporting. Donatella recently put on a show attended by the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Nicky Minaj, Prince, Uma Thurman, Zachary Quinto and other A-list stars. Guests got to see Prince play and preview the collection. I have a few photos here of the show here:

I’m not really sure what’s going on here.

I’d like to see who can pull off an orange suit (also available in pink).

Zebraprint was a big deal in the women’s collections but not sure if us men really bought into this print. I know at one point, it was a swimsuit but even that was a little too flashy for the beaches of Positano.

I think I would’ve preferred something more slick and tailored to be honest. Something more sophisticated in time for the holidays. With streetwear becoming all about lumberjacks, patina and prep, winter for me will be about tailored coats, black, knits and sheen. It would’ve nice to get a tuxedo pant with the geometrical pattern on the side ribbon. A studded leather bomber. A topcoat with a Medusa embroidery motif. This is all a little loud.

I like the concept of a strapped leather high top but does this look a little cheap to you? Leather boot, $79.99.

These oxfords are kinda okay but what I really like is the box it comes in!

I look forward to hearing about the hair pulling and slapfights that might happen at H&M much like what happened in Germany, Toronto and I think New York when Karl Lagerfeld’s collection was released. Good luck, fashionisters. Stores in Toronto will open at 8 AM and each shopper will be given a wristband which allows 2 pieces per style (whatever that means).

Save me some zebra pants!