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Month: October, 2011

Truly Truly Truly Outrageous

Fab Ciraolo’s renditions of 80’s cartoon characters enjoying some leisure time are fabulous, eh? How chic is that suit on Skeletor?


The Machine

He references the Machine again… Which you will see here at 0:43…

I’m in love. Still.

CWE’s Fall 2011 Must-haves

Ahhhhh, summer in Lucca, Italy. Drying off in seersucker swim trunks poolside between leadership workshops. Unfortunately folded my tank tops and put them to the back of my closet this week to make room for cardigans, sweaters and some scarves. I have been trying to not look at the date so that I’m not reminded about autumn approaching. Fall fashion is on the racks right now so get those season-end discounts on summer stuff while you can.

Yesterday, a buddy asked me what is happening in men’s fashion right now. Well, Spring 2012 is what’s happening but everyday guys wanna dress for now including myself. Who wants to think about 2012 when we’re still enjoying the amazing balmy fall weather of 2011? Another friend Pat literally just asked me a few minutes ago, “Sunny! What’s cool for Fall 2011?” I wanted to respond with “Heck if I know! I wore shorts today!” But I guess I do know a little about the flux of men’s fashion and being in denial about the inevitable Canadian winter isn’t exactly productive. So let’s get to Chinese Work Ethic’s Must-haves for Fall/Winter 2011. Let me know if this helps, Pat.

Camel is back but it has to be structured and sleek. I purchased a very fuzzy wool camel peacoat similar to the one below from Korea last year that I never really got to wear so I’m excited to break it out.

Paul Smith

The Cableknit Sweater
Sweaters are getting thicker and heavier. But that doesn’t mean it has to be bulky or dowdy.

Peter Jensen

John Varvatos

The Plaid Tie
I have a few of these but haven’t really worn them in a few years. The trick is to wear it with something conservative or masculine so you don’t look too cartoonish. Maybe a very subtle grey suit and a white shirt or a chambray shirt? Plaid ties this season are bolder and edgier.



Bottega Veneta

Simon Spurr

Bottega Veneta

The Striped Coat
Maybe Helmut Lang’s was better in the 90’s but I have to have this Tommy Hilfiger coat. This might be the most beautiful coat this season. If I’m going to buy anything new this season, it will be this coat.

The Bomber Jacket

Martin Margiela

Raf Simons (I am dying to find the right quilted coat for autumn)


I’ll probably post more when I get out of my fall denial. I just realized that I really haven’t worn socks in a few months. Anyway, more to come!

The inevitable

Hot Rocks







Giant(s) Vagina

Fucking so hot. I can’t even deal.


I really like Miriam Cabessa’s work. We held an opening for her work at my gallery recently. Well, it’s no longer my gallery but more to come on that later. Anyway, look how important I look.

Skip to 2:50 to see me pretending to be an art world person in an interview with Art Sync.

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