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Month: September, 2011


I really do.



Downey by the shore…



Cowboy Junkie

I want what whatever Jeremy Scott is smoking.


Move over Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, James Van Der Beek’s lookin’ pretty stylish lately. (My) Old Faithful is making an incredibly cute comeback! Who knew this B-list actor would slowly become a fashion icon? I think it’s so sexy how he doesn’t take himself so seriously. And he’s got a great butt.


Angry Birds

Fall’s so far balls

I’m currently lying on my stomach under my open window, feeling the cool air on my back. Fall is definitely here and that means the shorts go away and the sweaters come out. I took some time and walked around the mall like a lonely housewife today and man, is men’s fashion fugly for September. I came home and surfed a few new sites and the selection wasn’t any better…

What is this? I don’t even think a street cleaner would wear this ridiculous vest.

First thing, faux croc. Second thing, Jimmy Choo for men? Yikes. Third thing, rainboots! Three words: Rihanna’s back-up dancers.

I imagine someone burying a body in the desert wearing this $400 cashmere toque. Or a stylist on Law & Order putting this on a homeless rapist.

This $700 Seil Marschall backpack would look great in a schoolyard… Being run over by a lawn mower.

But I did see one thing that I made me drool all over my keyboard:

Gucci Gucci goo!

Great Point


O Magazine (not Oprah’s)

I’m excited to get my issue.

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