Dockers x Designers

by sunnyfong

Looks like Dockers is releasing a line of “deconstructed” khakis featuring various designers. I really only like Alexander Wang’s design as he cleverly dyes the fabric grey and creates this patchwork look that’s very contemporary without looking too out there. I wasn’t pleased with the other ones so I won’t even bother posting those. Also, I can’t find the link on their website so you snooze, you lose Dockers. I think these khakis are around $200 so not exactly the most affordable designer piece.

I was in the Dockers section last week and I’ll have to say, they have the potential to really grab the American prep demographic for Fall 2011 if they do some editing. Anyway, they’re heading in a more youthful direction so they’re not your Dad’s weekend pants anymore. A little more sex appeal should be injected into the campaigns. Come on, Dockers! You have a whole gay guy market out there who is sick of J. Crew! I found a few coloured chinos that were actually nicely cut and some sweatshirts that were on the border of luxe. Despite everything being 60% off, all the sizes were XL and larger.

Wait, isn’t that the Asian guy from Lost?