The Roots for John Varvatos Fall 2011

by sunnyfong

John Varvatos has many friends in the rock and roll industry. Maybe because he throws rock-oriented parties at his stores and supplies clothing to people like Mick Jagger, Dave Matthews and even Howard Stern.
He also utilizes rock icons in his campaigns including Iggy Pop, Perry Farrell and Ozzy Osbourne. His clothes are functional but have this edgy vibe that attracts both businessmen and bikers alike. His coats hark back to retro Beatles and his silhouettes are inspired by items worn on stage by the Stones or Bowie. Very rock and roll.

So it’s great to see The Roots, one of my long-time favourites, starring in Varvato’s Fall/Winter 2011 campaign. In a review for Phrenology, a music writer referred to The Roots as one of the “greatest rock and roll bands” today. Yes, they’re black. Yes, they’re urban. And yes, they rap. But hands down, referring them to one of the best in rock and roll is an understatement. The guitar riffs and drumming in Seed 2.0 is proof that aside from being one of the best in conscious hip-hop, they’re also a solid rock group who have become cultural icons.

I ❤ The Roots.