Orange you glad he’s not 21?

by sunnyfong

Of all the crazy hipster fashionista blogs I’ve been perusing while recovering from food poisoning, this image is my favourite. With all the asymmetry, skinny pants, scarves, broaches and bored looks, everyone looks the fucking same! Where’s the personality? Individuality? Style should look somewhat effortless and should reflect your personality. I just don’t see it in a lot of younger bloggers. Most of it is really contrived and it looks like they took hours to plan their outfits in advance. My goal is to always look somewhat to very stylish even if I put on jeans and t-shirt. That is the goal. I should be able to tell a great story at a pub and have everyone laughing even if I’m wearing sweatpants and a shirt with a beer logo on it.

This guy is the most stylish I’ve seen so far so I am definitely not on the same level as other bloggers. Nothing avant garde or cutting edge about what he’s wearing. Nothing extremely fashion forward.

His hair is fantastically simple, the colour of the sandals are adventurous, his t-shirt isn’t too low, his shades are classic but not too try-hard and his demeanor is natural.
I even like the colour of his douchey shirt!

Plus, this guy would be an amazing fuck compared to all these fruits in plaid and inappropriate summer toques. Let’s bring back some simple clothing for some simple every day living. Come on! He makes me miss Italy.

Watch him turn out to be a totally pretentious asshole in real life.