I (still) <3 Bryanboy

by sunnyfong

Still the bestest faggot in the fashion blogosphere, Bryanboy has been recently sporting funny square sunglasses and various blond wigs.
How fabulous is he?

Ugh, can’t stop laughing…

Following the footsteps of The Sartorialist and other famous bloggers, he recently signed onto an agency. Which is kinda sad as The Sartorialist is pretty dull these days. Bigger deals mean more staff and less control. And things start looking too pretty and editorial. And I miss seeing Bryanboy’s pics of him decked out while in recovery in the hospital or pictures of his shitty lunch. He’s getting a little too big for my tastes so I hope he continues to document his life despite his fame. The grittiness and kinda ghetto candidness of his early stuff was what drew me in. If I wanted slick fonts and proper writing, I’d read Purple or something. The day he starts using Flash is the day I stop being on his side. Let’s see where this signing deal goes.

Even though you did kinda sold out (if that’s even possible in fashion), I still love you Bryanboy!