Eastpak = Ew

by sunnyfong

Am I the only person who doesn’t see what makes Eastpak bags so fucking special other than the company has had some recent collaborations with some cutting edge creatives?
Raf Simons, the king of avant garde, even did a line for them in 2008. Sorry Raf. They’re a bit dull, kinda tacky and look cheap. Isn’t Eastpak just another Jansport or Bentley backpack label? All of a sudden I see them selling for crazy prices at department stores like this shit is dipped in gold. Is this another Le Sportsac situation? The coolness factor of that brand got sucked out pretty quickly, eh?

The most recent collaboration is from Dior Homme’s Creative Director, Kris Van Assche.

It’s not ugly per se but would I purchase this? Definitely not. The two colours don’t even work all that well. And for the designer of Dior Homme, I expected something with a little more shape and some rock and roll elements than this glorified schoolboy’s bag. Something in black with the silver lettering would be fantastic. Heck, leave the Eastpak name out of it completely, hehe. Kris Van Assche did an Eastpak bag! Can you believe it?

Next you’re going to tell me Anna Wintour will be contributing a spread in Good Housekeeping. Well, if Jean Paul Gaultier and Missoni can do Target, then anything’s possible I guess.