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RIP Lindsay



She does look good for someone who’s dying.

Orange you glad he’s not 21?

Of all the crazy hipster fashionista blogs I’ve been perusing while recovering from food poisoning, this image is my favourite. With all the asymmetry, skinny pants, scarves, broaches and bored looks, everyone looks the fucking same! Where’s the personality? Individuality? Style should look somewhat effortless and should reflect your personality. I just don’t see it in a lot of younger bloggers. Most of it is really contrived and it looks like they took hours to plan their outfits in advance. My goal is to always look somewhat to very stylish even if I put on jeans and t-shirt. That is the goal. I should be able to tell a great story at a pub and have everyone laughing even if I’m wearing sweatpants and a shirt with a beer logo on it.

This guy is the most stylish I’ve seen so far so I am definitely not on the same level as other bloggers. Nothing avant garde or cutting edge about what he’s wearing. Nothing extremely fashion forward.

His hair is fantastically simple, the colour of the sandals are adventurous, his t-shirt isn’t too low, his shades are classic but not too try-hard and his demeanor is natural.
I even like the colour of his douchey shirt!

Plus, this guy would be an amazing fuck compared to all these fruits in plaid and inappropriate summer toques. Let’s bring back some simple clothing for some simple every day living. Come on! He makes me miss Italy.

Watch him turn out to be a totally pretentious asshole in real life.

Eastpak = Ew

Am I the only person who doesn’t see what makes Eastpak bags so fucking special other than the company has had some recent collaborations with some cutting edge creatives?
Raf Simons, the king of avant garde, even did a line for them in 2008. Sorry Raf. They’re a bit dull, kinda tacky and look cheap. Isn’t Eastpak just another Jansport or Bentley backpack label? All of a sudden I see them selling for crazy prices at department stores like this shit is dipped in gold. Is this another Le Sportsac situation? The coolness factor of that brand got sucked out pretty quickly, eh?

The most recent collaboration is from Dior Homme’s Creative Director, Kris Van Assche.

It’s not ugly per se but would I purchase this? Definitely not. The two colours don’t even work all that well. And for the designer of Dior Homme, I expected something with a little more shape and some rock and roll elements than this glorified schoolboy’s bag. Something in black with the silver lettering would be fantastic. Heck, leave the Eastpak name out of it completely, hehe. Kris Van Assche did an Eastpak bag! Can you believe it?

Next you’re going to tell me Anna Wintour will be contributing a spread in Good Housekeeping. Well, if Jean Paul Gaultier and Missoni can do Target, then anything’s possible I guess.

Bill Cunningham NY

There are few people in fashion who are actually articulate about their craft, genuinely humble and infectiously joyful. Bill Cunningham, long-time New York Times street photographer, is one of these people. Way before Tommy Ton and the Sartorialst, Cunningham has been prolifically documenting New York street style and the fashion world for half a century. Unlike Tommy Ton and the Sartorialist, Cunningham tends to mix it up more with the real people of the street instead of focusing on those who mill about outside of the world’s various Fashion Week venues.

In Bill Cunningham NY, the director gives us a sneak peek at his tiring process, his rich yet minimal social life but most importantly, his love for fashion. One would expect a well-known and extremely successful darling of the fashion world would turn into a Terry Richardson-type modelizer or someone who takes advantage of his networks to acquire free clothes or even lend his style to a lucrative ad campaign. As you’ll see in this documentary, Cunningham basically wears the same thing day in and day out. “Why buy something new?” he says as he puts tape over the holes in his poncho.

Cunningham definitely has an eye unlike any other street photographer but instead of being swept up by the overt eclecticism and attention-whoring of the fashion world, he’s an aesthetic purist. He truly cares about the clothes and how they’re worn, always placing celebrity second. Even his film development is a no frills process (that’s right, he still uses film) as we see him using his ho-hum uptown 1-hour photo mart. Not to say he doesn’t enjoy some of the glamourous aspects of the fashion world; he enthusiastically coos over the many lovely ladies in his shots to the Times Art Producer. One wonders whether there is more to Cunningham than just his work. The film shows very little but there are a few revealing moments about his personal life. I had a nice debate with Adam about whether Bill suffers from OCD or maybe has other mental health issues. Is Bill truly happy? Does he have a secret mansion somewhere on the Upper East Side? Does he have a secret male or female lover on the Upper West Side? Is his creativity a product of his repressed upbringing? Is the director trying to portray him as a mad loner genius hiding in his photography or an enlightened individual who isn’t affected by societal norms? Does it even matter?

What I can say for sure is that Bill Cunningham built his career on being hardworking, trustworthy and most importantly passionate. The more I think about the film, the more I love it. One of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen. Check it out.

Playing at the Carlton now.

I (still) <3 Bryanboy

Still the bestest faggot in the fashion blogosphere, Bryanboy has been recently sporting funny square sunglasses and various blond wigs.
How fabulous is he?

Ugh, can’t stop laughing…

Following the footsteps of The Sartorialist and other famous bloggers, he recently signed onto an agency. Which is kinda sad as The Sartorialist is pretty dull these days. Bigger deals mean more staff and less control. And things start looking too pretty and editorial. And I miss seeing Bryanboy’s pics of him decked out while in recovery in the hospital or pictures of his shitty lunch. He’s getting a little too big for my tastes so I hope he continues to document his life despite his fame. The grittiness and kinda ghetto candidness of his early stuff was what drew me in. If I wanted slick fonts and proper writing, I’d read Purple or something. The day he starts using Flash is the day I stop being on his side. Let’s see where this signing deal goes.

Even though you did kinda sold out (if that’s even possible in fashion), I still love you Bryanboy!

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