Miranday July’s The Future

by sunnyfong

Tonight’s screening of Miranda July’s The Future was fantastic.

We packed the house. We had a rush line that was at least 100 people. We were turning people away.

And she was gracious enough to speak to the crowd, work the room and sign everyone’s books. I felt a lot of pride for our dear festival tonight. There was a great energy in the theatre. And for the first time, I actually thought the Royal didn’t look like a dump. It was a very Toronto arts event that I was truly proud to be a part of.

I felt really bad for turning people away but Miranda July’s film is being released this Friday in theatres.

And just cuz…

Miranda July’s husband’s film Beginners is also out and getting very positive reviews. Mike Mills (designer, artist and music video director for Air’s videos) created a film about his father coming out at 75 years old.

Thanks Miranda for participating in Images Festival!