Cross Lake

by sunnyfong

Just got back from a few days at Jane’s cottage on Cross Lake. This week, I felt inspired to take out my lovely Yashica alligator skin camera some friends had bought me a few years back for my birthday. Been using a lot of film again and popped into Elpro last night. Came back home with 2 rolls I found in my closet and more are coming!

Here’s a shot from the second roll…

On The Dock, 2011

I will be submitting some works soon to some galleries and possibly going back into the darkroom to do some of my own printing. But maybe I should just suck it up and get with this whole digital revolution. I can now get C-Prints done digitally but printed through a chemical process instead of an inkjet. It looks so much better than a printer. Maybe I’ll have a show again soon but it looks like tough competition out there. But I’m hopeful. I wanted to reenter the art world and nothing is stopping me…

…except irrelevance.