Alexandre Herchcovitch

by sunnyfong

A friend of mine recently said that men’s fashion has been unexciting in the last few years and I’m not sure if I agree. Yes, I’m a little sick of bowties, rolled up capri jeans and Melrose Place influenced Queen West summer gear… Basically, what most downtown “I’ve lived in Toronto for 3 years” gay guys under 25 have appropriated from a few seasons ago.

Yeah, my blog is essentially based on the absurdity of men’s fashion and I absolutely bitch about it incessantly but really, most of what I spew is ironic. Right? Right.

I actually feel that men’s fashion is more exciting than ever. With Lanvin and Calvin Klein’s spring collections blowing my mind, I am optimistic for more treats to indulge in for Fall 2011. Look at me being positive! My meds must be finally working or something.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Alexandre Herchcovitch who was apparently the darling of Brazil Fashion Week. I don’t have much to say so I’ll let the clothes speak for themselves…

There’s so much going on! A fantastic presentation, a black runway, the beautiful prints, the subtle sheens, the avant-garde accessories, the unique proportions. It’s a clusterfuck of goth, rockabilly, b-boy, neo-athleticisim with incredible tailoring. Super modern, super wearable, super fashion forward.

I want everything. I have no complaints.

The meds ARE working! Hallelujah!