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Month: July, 2011



Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2012

Each year I go to either New York or Montreal to shop and I end up standing in a store wondering why Vivienne Westwood keeps churning out her crown logo polos. First of all, they never fit as she seems to think her target demographic is muscle guys. No wonder they’re always in the discount rack. Second, every year there’s a variation of the same thing: striped to distressed to terrycloth to bleached… In the most ghastly colours.

I guess it’s an accessible piece of ready-to-wear but seriously, who is buying these polos? With the summer Olympics hitting London in 2012, this themed collection will be hitting the shelves just in time for all the sports fever.

Imagine if they asked her to design the uniforms? They should! That opening march would be hilarious!

Anyway, with neo-athleticism making its way back (drawstrings, clean cuts, athletic proportions, mixing baseball jackets with trousers, cinched sleeves, neoprene, spandex, baggier pants etc…), it’s nice to see an eccentric take on it. I actually do love this collection. It’s surprisingly wearable for Westwood. She’s still the queen of queer!

Lanvin Homme Fall Winter 2011/2012

Other than the brown get-up with the print that looks like peeling scabs, I want everything.

And I know it’s 28 out today but I’m craving sweaters, coats and wool trousers. I know, I’ll bite my tongue. Or turn my AC down.

I ❤ Lanvin.

Wtf are bagel points?

I just loved that they had bagel points at Fashion Weak. And I didn’t see anyone eating in the tents. I was STARVING but I don’t think food was actually available.

Look at Joel all squished in the front row beside the guy with his legs spread so wide. Every year I go, the higher up the seats. We went from second row to this. I think I spent most of the show trying to figure out what I was looking at.

Check out the bored look on that Asian girl’s face.

Open bar afterparty saved the night.

2 Legit 2 Quit

My New Bitchin’ Kitchen

Yes, I designed a kitchen by myself. No, I did not build it myself. Yes, I am very happy. I had a dump before. Now I have a great workspace and I actually like hanging out in my kitchen now. This is still a work in process as I want to add a bunch of art but so far, so good.









Grey Walnut Thermofoil cabinets with maple interiors by Kitchen Craft. So happy about the silent closure mechanism. I can’t slam my cupboards and drawers anymore.

Modern handles and pulls by Richelieu.
White quartz countertop by Caesarstone.

Low radius deep soundproof sink by Ticor.
Faucet by Blanco.
Regal 13×13 unpolished floor tile.
Arctic white convex straight-stacked subway tile backsplash.

Black glass and distressed steel microwave console by Roomy Interiors.

Convection smoothtop range by Fridgidaire Gallery.
Modern hood by European Hoods.
Bought some new yellow cookware and a new Calphalon Dutch oven.

Snagged a great birch custom desk by someone who was moving to Vancouver and was getting rid of everything he made. I’m using it as my kitchen table. And bought me some molded plastic chairs from BLVD Interiors.

Found my grandmother’s iron tray from China. It’s super heavy. Got the vintage yellow dish from a church sale and a recycled glass pitcher from West Elm. I drink a lot of tomato juice.

Laptop + tea + sun.

I am very happy.

Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2011/2012

A sneak peek at Burberry Prorsum’s new campaign by Mario Testino.

Hot for Fall Winter 2011: coats. Duh.

Open Wide

Image by Richard Pier Petit.

Kyle Bean

I really like Kyle Bean’s work. Based in the UK, he utilizes fragments from everyday objects and familiar materials to create incredibly poppy pieces. Kinda looks like me, doesn’t it?

He reminds me of another favourite artist of mine, Thomas Demand. All his tableaus are made out of paper. I’ll probably post some of his new works in the near future.

Forgotten Future Spring Summer 2012

I say forget it. Why the fuck would I want to dress like Bobby from Bobby’s World.

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