GQ Editors’ Spring 2012 Picks

by sunnyfong

Ya know, sometimes I can’t figure out whether the editors of GQ are on crack or it’s the designers that are smoking drugs. Spring 2012 collections are already out and boy, is 2012 going to be a mix of fun and fugly. Of course I tend to focus on the fugly but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a little eccentricity here and there. Fashion should be crazy and awkward sometimes. That’s what makes it interesting. Women complain about unwearable runway looks all the time but it’s nothing compared to the men’s side of things as men can’t get away with it most of the time.

An editor actually picked this Prada golf pant. They’re just starting to come around to gays in the military so let’s not ruin it for all the gays on the golf course.

Jil Sander is finally making protective covers for their clothes. I could use this next week during Pride. Every year I grab a cab home dripping with cum so this would come in handy. Or I could just NOT do the sling this year.

Ellen is looking kinda gaunt these days.

I’m wearing Burberry today so this is disappointing. Do you know when you’re in line at the supermarket and you’re stuck behind an old woman counting out her change to buy one dinner roll and a Swanson? This is what she’d wear.

This might be the most boring Armani suit I’ve ever seen. He’s more boring than when a guy tries to talk to you after he cums inside me. I mean, go home already, it’s like 11:47 PM!

I have grey chelsea boots similar to these so no complaints. But a guy I once dated met me in public wearing animal print pants similar to these and I wish I had carried a tranquilizer gun on me that day.

I might’ve thrown up a little just now while posting this photo.

I’m not sure why but this somehow feels racist.

Sometimes I take a risk and go to a hippie’s party and I have to endure the night eating endive and listening to adults with dreads talk about how vegan living changes their farts. I usually skip off to the fire escape to have a cigarette but ultimately, someone dressed like this guy always comes out to bum a smoke.