CWE’s Summer 2011 Picks 1 – My closet basically

by sunnyfong

Ivory Reubenwood tailored shorts I bought in Naples

It showered, snowed and stormed all April and May. Getting free fashion magazines in the mail with swimsuits on the covers and seeing all these online editorials on summer arriving was one big cocktease. I’m freezing my ass off over here! My mind is definitely summercentric now that the hot days are finally here. The prospect of a new job means more income and inevitably, I’ll catch that shopping bug again. The last thing I bought was a $2 t-shirt (which I’m very happy about) but hey, I do write a men’s fashion blog so I feel a little out of the loop. I’ll have to admit, I actually enjoy not blowing cash on clothes and allocating my money to countertops and a 860 CFM modern rangehood. Plus, I was looking at summer trends and I pretty much have everything that is being highlighted lately and plenty of ideas that I’m not really into. Maybe I’ve finally lost my interest in fashion? Oh who am I kidding…

CWE’s Picks for Summer 2010 (basically, how I dress already)…

Light Shorts

Shorts are obviously big this summer… Or should I say small. The baggy board short is now reserved for small-town gay guys who wanna look like frat guys (barf) and pool parties. I’m glad to see men finally embracing a proper length. Below-the-knee is not okay as there’s nothing sexier (and masculine!) than a slim short that shows just a little bit of the knee cap. I have these Stussy seersuckers and I like to roll them up once. If you’re lookin’ to queen it up then by all means, show some inner thigh but I want to look classic casual not like an ex-contestant on Project Runway. And don’t listen to GQ, VMan or any of the other publications when they feature shorts that are $235. What are you, fucking nuts? These were $49 or try a tailored Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren version for under $100. $235? Those shorts better paint my house!

How to wear them: with almost everything, even a button-up. Especially a button-up.

Summer Sweaters

Ya know when you’re on a patio at night in a t-shirt and you just wish you had some sleeves for the beer chills? A shot or two would help but this is better for your liver. The one pictured is a $400 cashmere crewneck but a cashmere blend or a light cotton knit is great for a summer evening. Pair this with light shorts and you’re rocking the colour blocking. I bought the same coral sweater (not orange!) in a tiny boutique in Naples. They were having a sale so it ended up being about $4.

The guy I’m not so sure of but the style of sweater is quite nice. Again, great with white shorts but reserved for night time at the cottage.

How to wear it: keep it simple, keep it colourful and push up those sleeves.


Look how hot James Dean looks. Stripes are back again but with a slight nautical influence. Stripes should be bold, graphic and come in the right colours. I find that some sweaters are bordering on being costume-y so watch out for those anchor decals, shoulder buttons and Popeye references. The idea is to be inspired by the sea not be Jean-Paul Gaultier for Halloween.

Esquire’s summer trend report has this very stark casual tee under a not-so-casual $2500 Ferragamo blazer.

Sorry fatties, horizontal stripes are not for you.

How to wear it: pair it with light bottoms or shorts. Wear it under a rain jacket and push the outerwear sleeves above the sleeves of the sweater.

Coloured Shorts

I’m telling you, I own everything already. But look how cute I look in them! Red shorts I bought last year that are now fading to a deep salmon…
Other suggested colours:
– grassy green
– navy blue
– sea blue
– saffron

How to wear it: pair ’em with plain t-shirts like a white v-neck or heather grey crewnecks for a surprising pop. Don’t wear it with plaid like I did.

Leather Sandals

You will never catch me wearing thong sandals unless I’m borrowing them to use the bbq outside or something. But last year, I did fall in love with these sandals I bought at a small shop in Tuscany after the airline lost my luggage on my trip. I have always hated flip flops outside of a pool/cottage setting but I’ve opened up to leather sandals especially when I had no choice. They had Birkenstocks with that ugly teardrop motif and these so I chose these. And I’m in the market for another pair. Pro-tip: Italian-made sandals are the best as they don’t use shitty glue! I love these relatively inexpensive Kurt Geiger designs:

I think I just like the idea of these but I could never pull them off. Maybe my mom could.

How to wear them: Slap ’em on for a dressier summer get-up. Wear them with light/navy blue shorts and get those feet tanned.

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