Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2011

by sunnyfong

I’ve finally completed my kitchen renovation and and I can sit back, relax and enjoy some men’s fashion again. I designed a budget “luxe” modern kitchen with clean lines, slab cabinets and geometric details. People would say that it’s not me but I think it’s perfect for my mindset right now. I just want a proper workspace where I can make stellar meals and not feel like I’m eating in a dump. Modern was the way to go and I’m slowly losing interest in ornate and eccentric things. This simplified sensibility has bled into my taste in summer clothing too. I do enjoy that Italian seaside gear I picked up in Europe last year but I’m looking forward to wearing some modern clothing: geometric prints, colour blocking, grids, sheen and sharp cuts. Just like the new Calvin Klein collection!

A lot of people are reacting negatively to the collection but I feel like it’s exciting in a subtle way. I love the proportions, I love the cute little logo peaking out from the bottom of the shirts, I love the monochromatic looks and I especially love the colour palette. Such unconventional mixes.

I can’t believe I have nothing nasty to say. Unemployment has made me soft.

Good thing I start a job soon… Look out art world, Sunny Fong is returning!