Keep it in the closet

by sunnyfong

I just started new subscriptions to two major men’s magazines because they’re finally offered a good deal to Canadian readers. It’s usually $50 plus tax but now they’re going for under $2 an issue. Well worth my money since I won’t be doing much shopping so I can certainly look. Some might say that this will entice me to shop more but not if they keep featuring ridiculous items like this for a “spruce up your closet” editorial:

This ugly “As-is Section” of Ikea mirror by Semigod is a grand. For $1000, the cocaine better comes with the mirror.

How about this John Lobb shoe cleaning kit that costs more than what a shoe factory worker in China makes in a month? $880 for some brushes and oil.

Are there people out there who are too lazy and too rich to wind your watch? Buden Zorweg seems to think so. $6340 for this watch winder. My Cartier costs more than this so what’s worse?