Galliano at Wild Wings?

by sunnyfong

I love John Galliano’s designs. Was never quite sure about the actual guy but now I’m really not sure. I actually knew about the rant the day after the Oscars were televised and was impressed by how under wraps it was until way after the Academy Awards. I even saw a few Galliano dresses go down the red carpet so maybe there was some conspiratorial hushing from the Dior police. Regardless, I decided even though Chinese Work Ethic is mainly about fashion/pop culture carnage basically fucking the shit out of offensive subject matter (sometimes I include my own racist, sexist or homophobic rants), I didn’t post about it. Hell, I didn’t even watch it partly because I was too wrapped up with cooking and watching Law & Order. Law & Order will always trump anything fashion or celebrity-related by the way. But mostly because for once, I didn’t really care and didn’t want to indulge in it. I haven’t even watched Charlie Sheen’s thing either. I stumbled upon it and watched 20 seconds before getting bored.

But it’s time to stop being a douche and trying to be “the better person.” So I’m going to watch it now just so people will stop asking me about it like I’m John Galliano’s publicist or something. Cueing… Okay, so here’s my real-time reactions…
…. Oooh, I think I know that bar…
…. It’s the same one Jeremy Scott goes to…
I want wine too. AND A CIGARETTE!
… Smart couple hiding the camera…
Is there anyway this was taken out of context and he was just trying to be funny?
Ooooooh, he looks wasted.
Fuck, I kinda love him but what he’s saying is so gross.
Is the couple even Jewish? I wanna know what instigated this.
It’s like a night at Wild Wings!

Ugh, forget it. Watch this instead.

Okay, back to Charlie Sheen everyone!

EDIT: ooooooooooooh, he called an Asian a “dirty Jew face” last week when he was arrested. So there are two incidents. Yikes.