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Month: March, 2011

Shame on you, LV! Shame!

Though I love your brand and designs, this makes me want to stay away from you.

Nadia Plesner was already sued by the luxury house for using a mock of the monogram in a 2008 charity t-shirt to raise funds for war victims in Darfur but now LV is suing her again for using the monogram in a painting.

There is NO WAY in hell I will support LV in any way if this suit is successful. Not only is it despicable to target an artist (aren’t you kinda in the same industry?) but this could bring up all kinds issues surrounding an artist’s freedom of speech. Corporations and brands should be allowed to thrive in the marketplace and artists and naysayers should be allowed to express their opinions about these brands.

I’m behind you, Plesner!


Ultimate Party Girl

Doing a photo shoot today with Charlotte from Entertainment 1… Her home is exceptional! Will report back.
Not a lot of time to post so I just wanted to wish all of you a very happy Sunday and leave you with this:

We so excited

Kenneth in the (212)

All images from my favourite site: Kenneth in the (212)!



Scott’s Office

Images Festival is coming up very soon! As some of you might know, I’m on the board and we are very excited to bring you another year of fringe, left-of-center film and installation. To promote Images, I’ve offered to shoot a few spaces related to the festival for the new website such as an artist’s studio, a sponsor’s home or a director’s art collection. To give the rest of the board an impromptu example, I shot our fearless leader’s office.

Keep it in the closet

I just started new subscriptions to two major men’s magazines because they’re finally offered a good deal to Canadian readers. It’s usually $50 plus tax but now they’re going for under $2 an issue. Well worth my money since I won’t be doing much shopping so I can certainly look. Some might say that this will entice me to shop more but not if they keep featuring ridiculous items like this for a “spruce up your closet” editorial:

This ugly “As-is Section” of Ikea mirror by Semigod is a grand. For $1000, the cocaine better comes with the mirror.

How about this John Lobb shoe cleaning kit that costs more than what a shoe factory worker in China makes in a month? $880 for some brushes and oil.

Are there people out there who are too lazy and too rich to wind your watch? Buden Zorweg seems to think so. $6340 for this watch winder. My Cartier costs more than this so what’s worse?


Lazy Sunday

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