by sunnyfong

Last week, Alexander Wang was named GQ’s Best New Menswear Designer.

He gets 50K and a Dockers capsule collection which I will be looking forward to. Dockers has been a pretty safe choice for the last few years with its new slimmer designs and updated basics. I’ve noticed it more in editorials. I smell a comeback and Alexander Wang is the perfect designer to create a younger line for us hipper folk who typically don’t want to go into a Sears.

Wang’s street level T line is doing super well with both Wall Street jocks and female purveyors of boyfriend gear snatching up gear. Soft tees, athletic lines and subtle details make the line attractive to active fashionisters, but it’s a little too pricey for yours truly and the common folk. I’m not paying $80 for a plain jersey tee but if there is a customer base out there, God bless him.

It’s great to see Asians slowly taking over the fashion world. 2010 was a fantastic year for the Asian community with three of the top prizes at the CFDA Awards going to young Asian designers:

Jason Wu for Best Womenswear, Richard Chai for Best Menswear and Wang for Best Accessories.

With Asian markets drooling for more luxury goods and potentially setting future Western and European trends, more brands will be following suit to cater to the slitty slitty slit slits. Watch out for our Chinese Work Ethic!

Let’s hope more Asian models, customers and designers will mean a shift in standards of beauty. So really, this basically comes down to me getting laid more effortlessly.