by sunnyfong

Been scaling back on the online shopping but it doesn’t hurt to look, right?
Ssense is continually getting new things and I love that they’re Canadian-based you don’t have to have it shipped from the US. But sometimes I wonder who is buying this stuff.

Yigel Azrouel
This is an example of something my mom would make fun of. “Aiya! We call exterminata now!”

This is an example of something my mom would wear.

I’ve never been a huge Diesel fan but I thought this shirt was actually kind of interesting and not covered with logos, patches and graphics for once.

Comme des Garçons
The cut-outs are super interesting with the stark white shirt peeking out and the horizontal band that gives it this slight bondage feel but really, I would kill someone if they did this to my black Gucci suit. I can see a small Japanese architect with a pork pie hat wearing this to a meeting.

Comme des Garçons
Okay, it’s time to put these pants away. They look bad enough on women but men don’t need to include these in their wardrobe. They’re just too dumpy for my tastes.

Shades of Grey
I really want this Shades of Grey 2-1 wool coat.

For $167, you can get TWO coats! This is definitely making my online shopping sensors go CRAZY.

Converse by John Varvatos
And how sexy are these red leather John Varvatos cons with black laces (not pictured). Ya know how men love when women wear nothing but heels? I think the same thing about these on some dirty rocker dude lying naked on a whiskey-stained backstage couch. “Lock the door and bring me a beer from the fridge, Sunny.” YES.

Check out the sales here.