Zach Wahls for Same-sex Marriage

by sunnyfong

Yes, it’s inspirational but BOY IS HE HOT HOT HOT.

But seriously, what a great video. I typically have an issue with the normalization of gay culture to appease homophobia (a la home decor shows and predominantly contrived “harmless” gay personalities in the media) as I personally don’t believe that same-sex marriage is any better or worse for raising children. Recent studies show that there really are no discernible differences between children raised by heterosexual and homosexual parents. It shouldn’t be about straights versus gays. It’s about fundamental human rights and equality in 2011. As global citizens. As Americans. As people who live under the laws that often dictate our morality and promote discrimination. I think Wahls covered a lot of ground with his story without over-emphasizing the benefits of having lesbian parents. He honed in on having good parents with inevitable family conflicts and hard times regardless of sexual orientation. Family is such an important global concept that shapes who we are. I appreciate his sincerity and passion when speaking about his own life.

But boy, is he cute eh?