Paris Is Burning

by sunnyfong

Before Madonna’s ultimate appropriation, Voguing was not just some silly dance routine that the Big M used to market yet another reinvention of herself. Voguing was a way of life for many and it was a serious subculture that was as ruthless and cutthroat as the offices of Vogue. This was captured in Jennie Livingston’s critically-acclaimed 1991 documentary Paris Is Burning. These battles were as fierce as b-boy battles and brought out the most eccentric of contestants. If you look closely, you can see a few of Madonna’s backup dancers in the movie before they became somewhat famous from Truth or Dare.

For those who love documentaries and men’s style carnage, there’s no other film better than this one. So curl up with a martini and a comfortable pair of sequined shorts and enjoy! You can watch Paris Is Burning in its entirety here.