Common Ssense

by sunnyfong

Online shopping continues while I’m funemployed. Great deals and looks from Ssense, a Canadian website where you’ll find Shades of Grey, A.P.C. and Alexander Wang. But of course, I’ll post the shit that makes me laugh. Like this shit:

This looks like the mold stuck to the bottom of my computer mouse (seriously, check under there). Pubes for a collar!

I kinda wanna get this. If I win the lottery, I’ll donate some money to Amnesty International and get this $5000 Alexander McQueen sweater.

I saw the Comme Des Garcons high-top Cons at Odin but I didn’t know there are Jack Purcell versions. WANT WANT WANT. My birthday is coming up. Size 8.5! Heehee.

Check out the sale here.