And the winner is…

by sunnyfong

Joe from Toronto won himself a beautiful large bottle of Marc Jacobs’ new fragrance for men, BANG courtesy of Marc Jacobs and Chinese Work Ethic. Readers were asked to send in a creative self-portrait and I love how simple and effective this is. Great job Joe though I would’ve given the prize to anyone who sent me a photo of their dick. Really, it’s that easy. S’ok, keep that in mind for my next giveaway.

This is what Joe got in the mail:

My bottle keeps falling over every time I reach for my watch but that’s okay because it smells like pure sex. And I don’t mean sweaty balls but coffee, earth, black pepper and a man’s chest. I can’t complain as I’ve gotten laid wearing it so it must be doing something right.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I’ll post some honourable mentions soon as there was also one very clear winner (sorry Joe) but the dude doesn’t have a mailing address. It’s nice to know homeless men are reading my men’s fashion carnage blog.