Fall Winter 2011/12

by sunnyfong

I know. I just looked outside and it’s snowing like crazy. This winter isn’t over and Fall 2011 collections are already being shown? That’s just how fashion works.
Some things to look out for in 2011:
– olive
– deep brown
– tweeds
– fleeces and woven knits used for scarves, body blankets and shawls
– asymmetry in outerwear and ties
– cargo pocket details
– carrot fit trousers
– thin lines in details: fringing, threads, suspenders, laces, zippers, trims, wallet chains
– smaller totes (as opposed to the duffel or weekender)
– lipstick red

And just because this was just a boring post, here is an amazing ad done by Alex Roman. Keep in mind that it is ENTIRELY 100% CGI. No photography or real objects were used. My mind is blown.