Slow Day in the Fong Household

by sunnyfong

Since I’m sick and it’s a pretty slow day in men’s fashion carnage, I’m going to share some of the videos that I’ve been obsessing over. These are my TOP TEN YOUTUBE VIDEOS THAT HAVE UNDER 1000 VIEWS…

I love this so much, it hurts.

Look at that ugly baby in the corner. What a shithead for adhering that filth onto his computer.

She is one of my favourite hosts of all time.

Adding an extra Stroll Down Memory Lane clip just because they look so snazzy and colour coordinated.

She what? Gave him a venereal disease? I love this.

I swear to God, at 0:13, I burst into tears from laughing so hard. I watched this video over and over. I’m crying right now, it’s so funny.

Why is it that people vlog if they have nothing to say? He even says it: “I don’t really have anything to say.” It’s fascinating.

This is amazing. The characters really moved me.

Why did the poster use creepy Six Feet Under music? Did Junior die? Are all these people dead? And they spent $25 on that?

Got me boppin’ my head, I’ll admit. Load up this choon and pop it in the Impreza. Instant jeep jumpin’ classic.