Asian Sizes FTW

by sunnyfong

The most logical thing to do when you’re funemployed is to buy clothes. Right? Right. I spent months saving money for trips and renovations but now that I’m not working anymore, the only thing that’s keeping me from slitting my wrists is shopping for eating new clothes and chicken. I went discount shopping today and bought a ton of shirts that could easily be from Rag & Bone or Rogues Gallery but were only $2.50 each. Now that I’m home from the mall, I’m going to continue some online shopping. Makes sense, right? Right. The only stipulation is that it has to be a piece that I don’t already own and it has to be on sale. Here are a few things coming in a few days:

All from this fantastic FOBilicious online store, Yesstyle.
Next up, I’m gonna get the complete DVD box set of The Wire, my favouite show of all time and a vacuum cleaner to suck up all these plastic price tag bits on my bedroom floor.