All Saints Sale

by sunnyfong

Just bought a few things from my favourite store, All Saints. I say it’s my favourite because I can wear almost anything there and not feel like a douche. I can walk in there and fit 90% of the clothing. For a small guy, this is a huge plus. I love the comfortable jerseys, knits and handmade quality of a lot of the stuff.
Normally, I find it overpriced and challenging to afford but when they have a sale, they have a muthafuckin’ sale. The in-store deals are better than the online deals but with free delivery and 70% off, I don’t have to trek all the way to Berlin or West 13th to get me some goods.

Got myself this double layered shirt with my favourite, a granddad collar. So difficult to find shirts with granddad collars.

Thought I’d add a vest to the wardrobe. I only own one vest so this should be interesting. I appreciate the design lines and the mixing of fabrics.

Can’t go wrong with a structured black trench.

I like the height of these boots and the attractive silhouette.

I’ve always loved Oasis-y jackets with the cinched waists. They kinda remind me of my dad. I have one in red.

You can’t see it but there are brass buttons on one shoulder.

It can be a little too Great Aunt Velma but with the right pants, it could be super edgy. I’m not a huge Fair Isle fan but I like that this one is more geometric.

This is a beautiful jacket. I might have to pick this up.

If I were to get carrot-fit jeans, I’d get these ones. Just slouchy enough to be a little strange but totally wearable.

Cashmere snood that would look great over a lighter jacket on a brisk night.

The most comfortable t-shirts I’ve ever owned. Because the material goes through a distressing process, it’s already worn in and drapes perfectly.

I don’t wear bowties (mostly because I feel too many guys are rockin’ them these days) but if I were to wear one, I’d wear this one.

These are from the women’s accessories line but I’d totally get these if they had my size (only smalls left).

The Rassles and Florence + the Machine recently helped kick off the grand opening of All Saints Meatpacking.

Fuck Target in Canada. Open up here please!

Anyway, huge sale and free shipping off to Canada right now. Check it out ASAP as sizes are running out.