French Vogue = Prostitots?

by sunnyfong

Or as my friend Kmac would say “painted whore babies.”

Tom Ford guest-edited a very controversial December issue of the very influential and widely read magazine French Vogue. Here is a quick look! This is my cadeau to you…

I think Tara McGinley was wrong to immediately project latent pedophilia onto these images. As a person who works used to work with children, I absolutely think sexualizing children is immoral and unethical. But I also think people sometimes jump to conclusions. I would’ve never thought that these kids looked like “whores” until she mentioned it in her post. I’m more fascinated by the provocative nature of the styling. They don’t look like prostitutes at all. They look like overly glammed up Park Avenue princesses which brings up issues about standards of beauty, feminism and the sexualizing of children in art (which is different than child pornography).

And yes, I studied semiotics and ethics in advertising but I think calling these models “whores” is not only kinda douchey but is a bit of a stretch.
Just to compare, here are what real prostitutes look like:

Anyway, this is fashion carnage at its best!