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Month: December, 2010


I don’t even know what to say.


Oh hi Marc

Why look who I found dressed like a giant polar bear in his own store window: Marc Jacobs himself!


Got my buddy Kmac this cute little Marc Jacobs necklace. I wonder what’s in the box? I’d like to think it might be a 9mm dildo.

mets suck

Winter in Gotham

I got let go today

It happened today. It wasn’t my fault. I feel defeated. I will triumph. And sleep till the sunlight comes. Another day. Another non-dollar. Forgive me, children for if I had done you wrong in some way. I hope another mentor can carry you to your full potential. And teach you things that I can’t. Maybe it’s time for me to give art a chance. Do a little dance.

Back to the drawing board. Literally.

Merry Christmas to you, Benedict!

I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t had much energy to post much about fashion, fags or fun. I have a lot to share with you once these holidays are over. But for now, I have this lovely clip of a bunch of topless gay guys doing gay acrobatics (gacrobatics) for the dear Pope.


Reiss Queen

What a nice little wool bag from Reiss. It’s just big enough to hold all my own baggage.


When my friend Max, a lighting designer, asked me to go to The Room, I got super excited about watching the interactive blockbuster hit directed by Tommy Wiseau with a theatre full of crazy fanatics. But I was sure I checked the tour schedule and it said it wasn’t playing.

Not until he gave me the address that I realized it was a dark, slate grey and moody bar on Sullivan. The beers are great and the modular seating awkward but I had a nice time catching up with my buddy.

When I went to the restroom, I was greeted by this giant vagina sink.

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