Care to Bang?

by sunnyfong

Yes, I am finally giving away my first piece of merch to one creative CWE reader. And you’ll be happy to know that it’s from the one and only MJ.

Marc Jacobs is the epitome of men’s fashion carnage so I am very happy to be supporting his new adventures in the world of fragrances. I absolutely love the sample bottle I have been using throughout this fall. It’s a mix of woodsy sexiness and elegant flowers like orchids or lilies. Because it’s an eau de toilette, it lasts longer and you don’t need to use that much. MJ said in an interview that it’s a mix of black pepper and cigarettes but I’m not sure if I want people to think that it smells like my uncle after he eats a steak. Marc Jacobs himself was kind enough to send me another full bottle of Bang last week so thanks MJ!

The bottle is totally hot so I’m going to put it on my new teak credenza. Maybe I’ll be a fancyboy and buy a round metal fragrance tray. How gay that would be, right?

I am delighted to host a contest to give out a brand new and unopened 50 mL bottle of eau de toilette (valued at $69 USD) to one lucky Sunny Fong Chinese Work Ethic reader. It will definitely make a fantastic Christmas present as I’ve tested this on a few guys and they all loved it. Here is what you have to do:

Please email me a creative self-portrait by 11:59 PM, Thursday, November 25th. I will consult with my CWE team here to choose the winner so please have some fun with it. Your shot can be from a digital camera, phone or webcam. It can be as subtle as you want or as crazy as you want. I’m leaving it up to you.

Offensive, racist, homophobic, stylish or internet meme-y photos are VERY welcomed. Some suggestions: the presence of any male genitalia, nakedness or homoeroticism will get bumped right up to the top of the list (yes, we here at CWE are shameless pervs). However, because it’s 2010, I will not accept any black face, anti-semitic themes (unless it’s REALLY funny) or references to rape (a bit of a downer, don’t you think?). I’m so excited! I will also do one myself in the spirit of this contest.

The winner will be announced next week and the winning self-portrait will be published for all to see. If you do include cock, ass or balls, I will be happy to pixelate it out if I post it. This is a family-rated site after all. I’ll even throw in a few honourable mentions if we’re stuck deciding on a winner.

Please send pictures of your dick to with your full name, phone number and mailing address by the evening of Thursday, November 25. I promise I will not call you in the middle of the night unless I’m drunk and I won’t sell your email address to a marketing company because I’m probably going to steal it to sign up for free shit on the internet. Suckers.

Good luck!