Chirp chirp

by sunnyfong

I hate to admit that I like this 25th anniversary cricket sweater.
I feel a Tommy Hilfiger comeback coming for summer 2011. Even though it’s considered pedestrian-wear, I’ve always had a fondness for Hilfiger. Maybe because as a teenager, my closet was full of Tommy coats, shirts, braided belts and other prepster (sub)urban gear.

Tommy, if you’re out there, please hire me to be on your creative team. I would love to revamp the line but it looks like you’re doing alright so far. In fact, the advertising and stores have been looking quite good in the last year. The once global brand didn’t quite catch up with what the kids were wearing but a full-on resurgence of the 90’s is inevitable. Let’s just hope designers can take it on with a modern twist. I’m already seeing too many girls in flowered dresses over tights with a shitty over-the-shoulder pochette. Right out of a music video for The Heights.

Tommy needs to continue upping the ante with more luxury and limited edition goods. Hey, start sending shit to Snoop Dogg again. Send him a sheeny three piece suit, some baggy sweaters and some luggage. Give the kids something they can’t afford. There’s so much potential for a preppy line, an urban capsule collection, a collaboration with Woolrich or Barbour…

For now, I’m going to dig out my old polos with the seersucker lining and wait for something exciting to happen over at TH.