J. Crew Spring/Summer 2011 Preview

by sunnyfong

What is this? This looks like something a dad would wear to take out the garbage. Who would wear this? Who would put this on? The only thing from this picture I want to put over my shoulders are his legs.

Yes, this is a sneak preview of J. Crew’s Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear Collection and I want to barf all over it. I have been loving the direction J. Crew has been going in for the last few years. Instead of capitalizing on tacky date rapist regalia a la Aberdumbie and Bitch (btw, I have no idea why any self-respecting gay guy would wear those horrible pedestrian shoulder rags), J. Crew revamped the brand by hiring a bunch of super savvy designers and creative professionals. Reinventing the classics, J. Crew is good at blending the high and low all in the same store: combine classic seersucker with a Baracuta jacket, throw in a $5000 bag, wear it with canvas shoes and add an overly washed cotton t-shirt. J. Crew is often effortless but stylish at the same time, collaborating with functionality-based labels such as Jack Purcell, Ray-Ban and Timex to sell “it” items to the American luxury sportswear consumer. But despite some rumpled sleeves and a few frayed edges, there was always a touch of glamour to J. Crew’s recent pieces.

Well, not this time around. Have I just lost complete touch with the fashion industry or is Spring 2011 looking a little dismal? It seems to be the same trends repeating over and over again, season after season. I haven’t seen one but there has got to be a corduroy suit in this line.

I’ve weeded out a lot of the things not even worth looking at so here are my picks for some of the “best” and worst of J. Crew’s new collection…

Is this supposed to be a joke or something? I can get that sweater at any vintage store for $20 and it wouldn’t look like it was found lying on a sewer after a rainstorm. I actually don’t mind the stripes peeking out of that horridly dull navy sweater but honestly, the guy looks one like my clients. And for those who don’t know, I used to work with underemployed people on welfare. The colour blocking on the white pants (ok, can we fucking get over white bottoms? No one wears white bottoms!) look ridiculous.

I almost fell asleep looking at this look and trying to think of something to say about it.

Did he just rape his prom date in someone else’s hotel room and put on the wrong pants? Who styled this, Ray Charles?
Otherwise, it’s a nice blazer with great lapels paired with mismatching trousers that absolutely don’t work. I’ve been known to do the mismatching jacket and pant combo but these two tones are too close together.

“Excuse me Jesse but can we get another order of garlic shrimp?”

I feel like this is something Ellen would wear if she was colour-blind. Um, Dwight Shrute from The Office called and he wants his suit back.

I did find two looks that were pretty passable.

The patchwork actually works on these shorts. It’s more subtle and unique. In fact, I would like to see something similar on a tote bag and on the back of a boxy jacket. The proportions of the outfit are nice and the French sailor motif is getting a little boring but it’s saved by this great pullover jacket. I’m hoping it’s similar to a tweed-like jersey or something. Maybe a denim even.

And my favourite piece of the collection, this duffel style trench with the extra large toggles. The patchwork looks great, the colours are iconic and it should definitely be worn with jeans (maybe not so wrinkled though).

So I’m going to stop shitting on J. Crew for now but at least I liked a few things. So J. Crew, if you’re willing to send me the jacket in a small and call it a truce, I might reconsider taking back my criticisms. Fuck blogging ethics. I don’t do this for fun!

Watch out for CWE’s commentary on Spring 2011’s editorial picks from the New York Collections. I don’t even think I have enough barf in me to symbolize what I thought about New York Fashion Week. Stay tuned!