DSquared Men’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

by sunnyfong

A breath of fresh summer air. The return of cinematic glamour. A touch of no frills sportswear. A shot of euro-glamour. Stir it with some optimistic hues. Cook under the hot sun. A load of sexuality. A hint of minimalism. A sigh of relief from me.

I was never a fan of charging $250 for a DSquared t-shirt or paying top dollar for a distressed baseball cap but the twins have one-upped themselves this time around. One of the most exciting collections of the 2011 Spring/Summer collections.

I love that a lot of the looks at the beginning are options for a night out on the town but I would still feel sexy looking for a cab in the light of early morning. The unbuttoned shirts, the functionality of the denim, the slickness yet ease of the jackets: this is pure walk of shame clothing but you’ll have a big smirk on your face as you whiz by those commuters going to work.

Part 2…

Thoroughly impressed! I’m excited to go back to shirts and shoes that don’t make me look like I flyfish as a hobby. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.