Today’s Super Gay Suit

by sunnyfong

I’m not sure who does this super gay suit but I really love the colour. It’s not exactly aubergine but it’s not exactly navy. And how dandy are those single buttons on a double breasted jacket? I can do without the rolled up sleeves and the denim shirt. I am not a fan of mixing certain casual shirts like chambrays or polos with suits. Not my thing at all. But I do think a dark does work and I’m surprised I even dig the satin bow.

I also love the little leather bracelets that I saw men all over Italy wear with their watches. It’s like these men have this amazing watch but they’re too cool to put it on a pedestal by wearing a blingin’ watch alone so they wear the bracelets on the same wrist. It’s so non-chalante and contrived at the same time.

Oh, that hair. OH, that hair.