Balmain Homme 2011

by sunnyfong

I really love this photograph by Karim Sadli for Balmain Homme’s 2011 Lookbook because of its composition. I have this thing about subversive choices for the final cuts that make it to the magazine or editorial. I’ve never been a fan of straight on head shots, centered with perfect digital crispness. Snoozers. This is my kinda fashion photography.

It’s also the perfect scene: shiny new t-shirt, bracelets, jeans that make a white guy’s butt all flat and cute, dry grass under a hot sun, rock and roll boredom… I love dressing like this. I’m not a typical “jeans and t-shirt” kinda guy because I like my jeans in a comfy slim cut and my t-shirt to be a very thin jersey. It’s gotta feel like a second skin.

I know winter’s just approaching but I’m already looking forward to spring. It’s gonna be a looooooooong season of sweaters and coats. Godspeed.