And from the biggest bully of all…

by sunnyfong

No, I’m just kidding. I think it’s wonderful that the President of the United States is addressing and acknowledging gay kids and teens out there. It’s amazing that he even uses the word “gay” and “LGBT.” I doubt Bush would’ve ever participated willingly in this project.

Behind all the spin, the pre-written speech, the teleprompter and lights, I’d like to think that there is sincerity in Obama’s words. The project’s message is clear: we are fed up with homophobia. Beyond bullying and having to wait till college for things to ease up, there needs to be action now. This is about human values and I like that Obama connects this issue with the idea of American freedom. The one issue I have with “It Gets Better” is not the campaign itself but the implication that one has to endure hard times for a while before adulthood suddenly brings personal freedom. What’s great about Obama’s message is that yes, it will get better but what are we doing about making it better now? Bullying and discrimination should be tolerated anymore in North America’s schools. We have a long way to go and who knows, we may never get to a point where everything is hunky dory but I’d like to think that there are strong gay (and straight) voices out there that can inspire gay children and teens to fight for their rights, to love themselves and to look forward to a progressive inclusionary society.

I’m thinking about doing a video myself. I’ve been to those dark places and contemplated suicide so many times, I’ve lost count. And though the message is over-simplified: it does get better. And it SHOULD get better.

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