Oh ffs

by sunnyfong

All I wanna do is to see what the frickin’ Louis Vuitton collaboration looks like with Bono (and his wife) but the site makes you look at all these fucking romanticized videos and photographs of their frickin’ journey into Africa.

I’m just going to have to go another site… Ok… Here we go…

Not bad. I’m assuming it’s a monogrammed leather but Bono’s wife’s company specializes in African cotton so… Why didn’t they make a canvas collection?

I like this mess though. It looks like a tranny’s fingernails.

Anyway, why are so many celebrity wives into the whole philanthropy shit? Doesn’t Bono have trillions of dollars? Can’t he just give her charity money without having to resort to all this luxury masturbatory do-gooder bullshit? Let’s keep fashion pretentious, ruthless and evil. Please.