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Month: October, 2010

Balmain Homme 2011

I really love this photograph by Karim Sadli for Balmain Homme’s 2011 Lookbook because of its composition. I have this thing about subversive choices for the final cuts that make it to the magazine or editorial. I’ve never been a fan of straight on head shots, centered with perfect digital crispness. Snoozers. This is my kinda fashion photography.

It’s also the perfect scene: shiny new t-shirt, bracelets, jeans that make a white guy’s butt all flat and cute, dry grass under a hot sun, rock and roll boredom… I love dressing like this. I’m not a typical “jeans and t-shirt” kinda guy because I like my jeans in a comfy slim cut and my t-shirt to be a very thin jersey. It’s gotta feel like a second skin.

I know winter’s just approaching but I’m already looking forward to spring. It’s gonna be a looooooooong season of sweaters and coats. Godspeed.


Mock Trial


Should I tell her or just let her figure it out on her own?

What is this print called?

I think I got this off Mr. Mort. I really like that print. Don’t know if I can pull it off.

I also don’t need another coat.

Joel’s Cellar

Great night of wine, meat and dick jokes.

Crush Winebar

Got your nose.

Bitch Please

A very comprehensive collection here.

Miss World

Courtney Love does a powerful cover of Like A Prayer in Paris…

Isn’t that Karl Lagerfeld in the front row sitting on the speaker or something? I’m not even joking. That really is him!

Wow, she really has lost her voice and has no rhythm anymore. Wha happen (yes, drugs, cigarettes, craziness, booze, smoking….)?

And an oldie but a goodie, Courtney Love hurls a compact at Madonna during an interview.

Madonna has a few understated zingers though but Courtney is too high to get it. Man, she is such an unapologetic name dropping attention whore eh? No wonder I loved her in high school.

Carry on!


Ya, I’m not feeling the collaboration between Hudson Bay Company and K-Swiss. The shoe is a little too white and the shape is dated. I’m surprised The Bay didn’t work with Adidas.

I also saw some of the Pink Tartan blankets and though I have fond memories of the HBC colours (my mom bought a blanket herself when she first came to Canada), I don’t have fond memories of the blanket being as soft as sandpaper. It still is! It was like touching an old man’s hairy back. Can’t they do an updated wool version? It’s for the bed, not a seal hunt expedition.

I miss Italy still

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