Move over Tavi!

by sunnyfong

Nicklas Skobgaard is 15 and a half (I think) and a little fashion wonder of the style blogging community. Every year, we see more bloggers coming out of the woodwork, all searching for a place on the web to express their POV on the next big shade of greige or kulats for men. I’m sure Anna Wintour is rolling in her grave. Wait… Anna Wintour sleeps in a grave, right?

Question is how does he find all this time to fuck around with fabrics and cameras? Doesn’t he have biology homework to do? When I was 15, I hardly had time to write
in my own daily journal (paper was so de rigeur before Blogspot).

I kinda wanna put Nicky and Tavi together in a mud pit and have them duke it out. Maybe they’ll both stop, exhausted from all the sludge-flinging. Little Tavi looks up, resting on her little arms. Nicky is exhaling deeply… Then their eyes meet and they fall in blogger love. Then they can start a new blog together documenting their misadventures. How adorable would that be! Who am I kidding, this kid’s a total fudgepacker. Regardless, it’s a little disturbing and amazing at the same time. Nice to have some “male” representation out there at this age. I just wish he also liked baggy clothes, hip hop gear and even some shitty teenage brand names. I get super bored of all this avant garde bullshit but at least he’s putting in a maximum effort. The kids are actually alright.