A Bang for your…

by sunnyfong

I recently ran out of a shitty old Tommy Hilfiger cologne that I won at a Jack and Jill 7 years ago. I wear cologne on a daily basis but I wear so little that one bottle can last me almost a decade. Good thing Marc Jacobs sent me a sample of his new fragrance BANG from his lab. And of course, because of his ridiculous image transformation in the last few years, Marc Jacobs himself is starring in his own ad campaign (shot by the very prolific Jurgen Teller of course).

Surprise, surprise. I would’ve ripped my hair out if it had been Michael Cera, Vincent Gallo or some other annoyingly ubiquitous indie darling. Although Joseph Gordan Levitt would’ve been a nice choice.

So far, so good. I like BANG a lot. It has notes of white/black pepper, smoked wood and flowers. It’s a perfect fragrance to go with the mood of fall style: light, neutral, slightly feminine and subtle.

BANG should not be confused with the Asian pop boyband Big Bang who attended Marc by Marc Jacobs in Walker Hill a few years back…

I read an interview in which Marc said he wanted BANG to smell like a smoker because he himself always smells like cigarettes. Being a smoker myself, I wouldn’t want my cologne to smell like Marlboro Lights. Either Marc Jacobs is being ironic or all the macro-biotic dieting is getting to his pretty little brain. Regardless, he’s still an amazing creative talent but sometimes I want him to shut up about his new gay gay g-g-g-g-g-gay lifestyle. We get it, you love your new body. We get it, you’re good looking enough to be as fruity as you want. We get it, your husband is a hunk! I’m just tired of seeing your public life. You’re a fantastic designer. Keep the genius ideas comin’!

Marc Jacobs himself (I can just see him licking the envelopes at his lucite desk) will be sending me a few bottles to be gifted to my wonderfully loyal readers.

Look out in the near future for Chinese Work Ethic’s first giveaway!