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Month: September, 2010

On the road

$1 Ralph Lauren linen tie found at a church sale. I thrive on vintage finds. New herringbone pants, custom herringbone shirt and a vintage tie bar found at Value Village. Open bar here we come!


Gimme Pizza Slow

I’m sick today. My room looks like shit and there is stuff everywhere. And this is on a loop.

i heart kate

Who doesn’t? Officially the gayest shirt I own. €5 from a shithole in Naples.

Dog Tired

Dog-sitting is hard work.

Flower Power

I spotted a giant fresh flower on this young guy at a Mongrel Media party. I appreciated the effort. Certainly makes a statement.

I’ve been seeing more flowers on guys lately. Even on their heads! Looks like some men aren’t afraid to fan the flames of faggotry. It’s a new world.

My new obsession…

Looks like my thing for skulls has returned. I think it went away for a bit because it was so hard to find nice prints on clothes or non-cheesy versions that weren’t made out of cheap materials. Looks like fashion’s going to a dark place for winter again (yikes, did I just say the w word?). I really love these bracelets because they’re heavy. I liked them so much, I bought 3.

I wonder if I can find interesting skull and crossbone undies. In Berlin, I found a pendant with a brass skull wearing a tophat. I thought it was a little over the top.

If anyone knows of more stuff like this, let me know.

I have a great tiny tiny tiny polo with a skull crest. A few shirts with skulls on them. And for Christmas, I’m going to ask my friends to chip in to buy me a real medical skeleton like the ones I used to use in life drawing class.

Death is the new black, ya know.

Mister Mort

Introducing Mister Mort, a wacky and prolific purveyor of fashion’s most eccentric.
For example!

It’s like my wacky vintage fetish  (old buttons, hard fabrics, old-timey finds, subversive cuts….) but x 1,000,000.

Sometimes I don’t even know what I think about some of the stuff he posts but it’s an interesting read anyway. It’s a blog to totally get inspiration from when you want to circumvent mainstream aesthetics. It definitely validated a few things in my own wardrobe. To be honest, most of it looks like stuff my dad wore when our family was poor: oversized baggy knits, weird shirts, odd pants, shit that looks like it has been through some hard times… There’s a certain charm to a lot of it for sure. I’m going to keep reading to see where this specific demographic of the avant-garde is going with men’s style.

I like to call it Queen East Tavern and Off-track Betting Chic.

Batman and Robin Dunks

Seriously, don’t you think they should be selling these together as a pair?

July 28, 3:38 PM – A Wolf in Topman Clothing

I can tell from this photograph that this was not only the day I got my luggage back but it’s after The Special Dinner. Too bad you can’t see my really puffy eyes from all the fucking crying!

Anyway, I love these red shorts but they’ve since stretched out in the wash so I need to shrink them or something. Again, I look at photos of some of our Lucca group and I get a little teary-eyed. I miss everyone so much, I feel like there’s an emptiness in my heart that needs to be filled. I will never forget the last day of goodbyes and how rushed it was but I’ll write about that later.

This hill that we’re standing on is very special to me because it’s where 3 of us did a very strange exercise in which we had to talk to ourselves and tell our own story. At first, I thought we were just going to make masks and do some kind of crazy forest dance but there was more to it than just a simple arts and crafts hour. When we came back from break, we were greeted to a pile of colourful materials. We had 15 minutes to make a mask that represented ourselves so I quickly made a grey wolf with a red crest on its forehead. Time was up and we were ushered into small groups into various parts of the villa. I sat with Satenik and Tina on a patch of grass on the hill. We were told to name our masks so I chose “Moonlight.” We were then instructed to conjure up a story to do with our masks. The mask, when worn, would be our other persona.

Chris asked me to put on my mask and to get into character. I tried very hard not to laugh as I was on all fours on a patch of grass howling at the sky. He then asked me to speak to myself. This was my leadership persona speaking back to the “real” Sunny. I asked myself about my leadership skills. I asked how Sunny was neglecting Moonlight. It surprised me how quickly a back-story came out of this exercise….

Moonlight is a leader of the wolf pack. He is the guide of a group of a wolves and his job is to lead them through the forest, go from location to location, gather food and protect the group. Sometimes his wolves fall asleep in the sunshine and lose the group. Sometimes the group doesn’t pitch in to help gather food and some wolves have to go without eating. Sometimes Moonlight has to give up his own ration for the others. Moonlight wants to see his wolf pack become more resilient and outgoing. Moonlight also believes that he sometimes gets taken advantage of because he ends up solving a lot of issues within the group. Sometimes Moonlight needs someone to take over when he has been injured or is too tired to lead. When the other don’t contribute, the whole pack starves and suffers. Moonlight needs Sunny to give him more authority, confidence and leadership. Moonlight needs Sunny to support him in his decisions and to only move on. Sunny also needs to inspire Moonlight to be more assertive.

Then when I completed the story, the other people in the group were in shock. At least, that’s what they said to me after we went back to the building for dinner. I felt liberated and almost lightheaded. Either the elastic band on my mask was too tight or I had some kind of a-ha moment. I had never spoke to myself before as another component of my own personality. It was a strange exercise but I will always remember it. It was a useful activity to bring new perspectives about my own leadership and self-worth.

I think I need to get back into the Moonlight persona at some point. Maybe for Halloween but I was really aiming to be Judge Judy this year.

Cute Sweaters

These two look like fun. I’d like to go out for a midnight chicken gizzards on a skewer with them. And end up in some weird threesome or something after doing shots. Cute Mario Brothers sweaters too.

At 36,000 yen though, I think I’ll stick with the gizzards.

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