August 3, 12:05 AM – The Roster

by sunnyfong

I haven’t heard a Western accent in a long time. Even I’m starting to have an inflection in my speech. I tend to mumble all the time anyway so it has been really good practice for me to speak clearly for those who don’t speak English as a second language. I love that Ashitha makes fun of how we say “internet.” She claims it almost has a Southern US drawl. “Innernet.”

I’m starting to really care about people and I think it’s going to be incredibly emotional. We’ve gotten to know each other so well l in such a short time. It will be sad to see people leave.

Ahmed is a very religious Muslim but has such a rebellious spirit. He challenges my opinions and his leadership comes from a place of contemplation. I liked watching the tennis match between him and the Orthodox Jew. They left disagreeing but they were basically saying the same thing: God is great.

Sarah is my Canadian sister. Though she comes from the same country, we live in very different cultures. We are supposed to be rivals but together, we represent. She is wise, ambitious and generous. I am excited to visit her with other WYSE participants.

Reza’s accent is easy to make fun of but his objective in life is incredible. Creating real ties between religions seems daunting but I have the confidence that if he is involved, the world will be a better place. Though he’s tyrant facilitator of the game Mafia. I feel like crying each time I think about him.

Aisha is so classy. She has a youthful spirit despite being a Financial Analyst. She really knows how to have fun and is a natural leader.

Sarah, who I call “Capetown,” is the one I turn to for laughs. She is an intelligent and articulate. Sarah is an Engineer working on infrastructure and hydro development (I think). I am excited to have her visit Toronto next summer.

Geshii is doing her Masters in International Law in Holland. She has opened my eyes (and soul) to have a closer relationship with God. She is calm but powerful. Quiet but when she speaks, people listen.

To be continued…