All Saints

by sunnyfong

I found my new favourite store that completely matches my current style mood. Summer has been Italiano chic, classic American preppy stuff and cheap comfort. Winter for me will be about black, white, grey and knits. Attitude, baggy vs. skinny and elongating my silhouette. I’ve always loved the whole rock and roll look but kinda hated when I looked too much like a Queen Street West rat. I want real dirty leathers, interesting shapes and a certain kinda snugness that’s more Rolling Stones than Hot Chip. More gothic than hipster.

All Saints wasn’t always a brand I enjoyed. If I am not mistaken, I found it too European preppy for me. The puffy coats, the indigo jeans and sheeny clubwear. It wasn’t ever on my radar and I always assumed it was an overpriced A&F. But a pitstop into the Berlin store was the beginning of an addiction for me. Walking through the men’s section (which was ALL on sale), I think I picked up 20 things I wanted to try on. I even made a second trip to the store to use the pile of change I was carrying around. $120 USD t-shirts for 20 euros. Can’t beat that. I ended up getting an antique brass anchor pendant that I absolutely love.

Here are a few of my picks (and recent purchases):

I didn’t end up buying this but I did try it on twice. A super thick and well cut Oslo chambray shirt. I found this outside of my comfort zone but enjoyed the pattern anyway. I probably would’ve been the butt of many of my friends’ jokes if I had actually purchased this. Now I regret it as it’s actually a super unique shirt.

All their t-shirts were luxurious and comfortable. Good cuts too for a skinny guy. Anchors were a big theme.

I couldn’t find this shirt but will try to order it once my finances are back in order.

This shirt is called Law & Order. Dun dun.

I really like slouchy Oasis-esque winter coats. These are hard to find in North America.

They had a lot of fantastic distressed leathers for under 100 euros (on sale). The prices online don’t reflect the manager’s markdowns at the actual store. Don’t laugh but I actually bought a faded t-shirt like this. I don’t usually wear the faded trend but hey, when in Berlin…

I originally looked at an Alexander McQueen cardigan that was baggy and deconstructed but settled on this one instead. I like the subtle armbands and the thinness of the knit. It feels like it’s going to fall apart but in a good way if that makes any sense. If it gets some holes in it, it would still work.

I bought this double-breasted cotton cardigan as well. How many cardigans does one guy need!? But it was so cheap and fit so well, I had to have it.

These were pretty sweet boots. Inexpensive at 70% off. I started wearing slouchy rocker boots two winters ago and it doesn’t look like my boot fetish is going away.

More European purchases to come!