2:05 PM – Almost There

by sunnyfong

Seems that the train to my pick-up point has been changed to another platform. Leave it to me to read and believe the schedule. Adam was right: everything doesn’t make sense here. I’m just going to make it a point to ask everyone and anyone everything and anything.
It’s nice and hot here. Not humid though. It’s about 35 but with a slight breeze. If I had shorts, this would be perfect. Too bad all 5 pairs of shorts are in my suitcase which is somewhere in the world. Hopefully, it’s still at JFK and is being transferred. Hopefully some thief isn’t digging through stuff disappointed that the most valuable item is my Hugo Boss underwear.
I caved in and bought some Italian cigarettes and bottled water. I typically buy Italian spring water when forced to purchase bottled water so this is great because all water is Italian. It’s soft, light and tastes like heaven. I wish there was Wi-Fi here so I can actually post these ramblings. From the looks of it, I don’t think Lucca has Wi-Fi.
I have to call my pick-up person when I get to Ponte De Moriano. What are the chances my phone works here in this decrepit town? Okay, I have to cheer up. My train is late. The saga continues.