July 25, 4:11 AM – A Crying Shame

by sunnyfong

I guess it’s actually approaching lunchtime here in Italy. We’re flying over France at 989 km/hour and we’ll be in Pisa in another hour. A toddler has been screaming for about 3 hours now so no one has been getting any sleep. Crying children on a plane isn’t good times. It typically starts out with slight amusement towards the extreme display of emotion followed by an general sympathy for the parents. After about an hour of crying, it becomes the atmospheric equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. That’s when the sympathy wears off: shut her up or I’m going to throw your kid out the emergency exit.
It sounds like the kid finally calmed down after getting an Egg McMuffin (that tastes sour for some reason). The little asshole just happily ran by in bare feet, dragging an ugly doll by the hair. I wonder what the punishment is for tripping a little girl on an airplane?